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Welcome to River Continuum Concepts, Inc.

What We Do

River Continuum Concepts is the go-to organization for invertebrate ecology. We offer two broad types services: consulting services, and laboratory services. Consulting services include study plan development, experimental design, statistical analyses, reporting, presentations, training, monitoring, field services and other activities not necessarily requiring our laboratory equipment. Our laboratory work ranges from routine taxonomy, analysis of supporting data (such as biomass), and digital imaging.

Why should you work with us?

even relatively large aquatic insects spend much of their life as very very small animals; this larva is about 0.2mm wide.

We are small enough to work with you, but experienced enough to provide the best possible service. Our founder, Brett Marshall, has been working with invertebrates and aquatic ecology since 1986. The other major bug labs have no one with this level of experience and count their corporate managerial experience as if it reflected their scientific credentials; it does not.

Our clients are critically important to us. Without clients, we would not be doing the science we love to do. Therefore, we often provide small extra services to facilitate cooperation. For example, benthic samples are heavy, expensive to ship, and classified as hazardous materials. Often, we can help the client defer these costs by making arrangements to personally pick up samples.

In the following webpages we hope to show you sufficient details about our experiences and qualifications to help you make the wise decision to hire us to help with your environmental monitoring projects. Please feel free to call or email with your project specific questions; we'll discuss your project with you free of charge to ensure we are the right fit for you. Thank you for visiting our webpage.