Holston River

Time for a sort post; please forgive the mushiness I’m short of technical material. I Just got back from my Holston River Survey with the Academy of Natural Sciences.  It was great to see the Holston River again; the invertebrates are especially diverse and familiar–just like old friends. Speaking of old friends, the rest of the Academy crew was also just like old friends… because most of them actually were old friends. It was funny how after 13 years,  most of us fell into our old roles… me: the loose cannon, Paul O: the jokester, Roger: the peace-maker, Richard: The Ivory tower, Frank: the phantom (where’s Frank?); Paul K: the mad scientist (I imagine the first maid to enter Paul K’s room wanted to call the police.) Yet we were all different; three of us had survived life-threatening situations and we were more mellow for it.

There were some new faces (Silvan (Sylvan?), Michelle and Dave)… and I am sure they will forge their own Academy history. They were all intelligent, fun and  hard working; i look forward to seeing them at the Texas Survey this October.  This was my fist survey with Dr. R. William Bouchard Jr., but i have known him for quite sometime.  Will was an intern at the academy when he helped me with midges–now he has a Ph.D. in midges and is an amazing field biologist–just like his dad. I am sure Ray Sr. is proud of the fine young man that will has grown into (quit blushing Will)… enough of the sappy stuff: great fun working with y’all.

Sure, I loved seeing the aquatic insects and other macroinvertebrates of Tennessee, but it was the people that made the trip especially special.

We’ll add pictures in later posts (right Roger?).

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