Wyoming Educational Benthic Macroinvertebrate Project

Aquatic insect Images from Montana and Wyoming; if you like this sort of thing let me know.

I just have time for a quick post today.

A few years ago, I prepared a collection of about 400 aquatic insect pictures to be used in by educators. Lisa Shaw, of Niobrara Conservation District, was essential in attaining funding from the Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts. The project had huge ideals: We were going have all the conservation districts send in aquatic insect specimens from all over the state of Wyoming. The idea was to have educational field trips and send in as may different bugs as possible. Some districts did just that. Some sent one person out on a solo mission, and others sent in jars or unsorted detritus (which all contained bugs).

The project was more work than expected, and my employer (at the time) withdrew support of the project, pressuring me to work on it on weekends and evenings.  Regardless, we managed to develop an impressive set of images  of the finer characteristics of aquatic insects that much of the general public never would never see otherwise. It included  whole-bug context pictures and close-ups of interesting parts… eyes, mouth-parts, gills, etc…

I would hate to have this resource fade way. I’ll post some pictures from it here from time to time.  If you are interested in attaining a copy of the document, post a comment here so I can gauge community interest in these wonderful aquatic insect pictures.

I found this Dytiscus predaceous diving beetle during my wedding–with the eager help of my nephew and brother in-law… um… from my wife… um… not so much.

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