Aquatic Insect Educational Outreach: Belgrade Middle School, Montana

Today we had a GREAT DAY!

Helped Belgrade Middle School (Belgrade, MT) with a major 7th grade (220 kids…~12 years-old) aquatic education project. The School had gathered people to teach basic water chemistry, fish, bugs, and even birds…

We had the great and fun task of introducing the kids to invertebrates in the pond… while some folks from trout-unlimited introduced the bugs of the streams…

(I am a proud aquatic entomologist… so, i took the more difficult pond critters (the stream is really a more target-rich environment… unless you’re a professional bug hunter!).

The snow from the previous nights snow storm was still on the ground in the morning, but the kids were undaunted. We were, perhaps, a little under supplied…

(could have used more nets and waders)

Yet, I am certain that most people learned something.

We look forward to doing this again!

kids at the pond happy bug hunter check out the bugs

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