The New Laboratory


We moved into our new laboratory in March 2015 and it is Great! 

We have a conference / meeting room available for classes and public meetings,  our standard laboratory space, and an ecological library /study area where the magic happens!

Current Projects include:

  • Sabine River, Texas
  • Yellowstone National Park Baseline Monitoring,
  • Sublette County (WY), Baseline Water Quality Monitoring,
  • Sublette County (WY), Pinedale Anticline Project Area, long-term ecological monitoring of natural Gas development
  • Macroinvertebrate Ecology of Impounded Freshwater Wetlands surrounding Great Salt Lake, Utah
  • Macroinvertebrate Ecology of Sheet-flow wetlands surrounding Great Salt Lake, Utah
  • East Gallatin River Macroinvertebrates and Nutrient Model

Midges are individually small, but collectively comprise a tremendous proportion of the biomass. given that midges can complete a generation in three weeks, this represents a tremendous amount of production available for foraging shore birds (the purpose of our Sheet-Flow wetlands study).

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