Aquatic Insects / Benthic Macroinvertebrates: Nectopsyche

This Nectopsyche from the Sabine River in Texas, USA, is an active swimmer. The case, assembled from silk and willow roots, is neutrally buoyant with a longer keel running along the dorsal surface to allow the wildly spinning legs to pull the critter through the water column in a straight line! Lovely!

Our Laboratory identifies aquatic insects and other benthic macroinvertebrates from around the world; Ukraine, Montenegro, Italy and of course, mostly from the USA. We have provided identification work from the East Coast (VA, NY, NJ, DE, PA, NC, SC, GA), the Golf coast (FL, TX, LA), The intermountain west (MT, WY, UT, ID, AZ), the West (CA, OR, WA) and the interior (MN, MI, ND, SD, WI, OH, IA, MO, AR) and the far north (AK). Although the depth and breadth of our PI’s 30 years of experience are hallmarks separating us from the other labs, it is our flexibility that defines us. Want to know what the fish are eating? We can identify bug parts from the stomach samples, and digitally back calculate their individual pre-digestive mass. Want to know what the bugs are eating? We can make slides of their stomachs and quantify algae, detritus, or bug parts therein. Biomass? Yes, bugs, or bug stomach contents… all via digital analysis… without the error of hack-labs (yes, I said it) baking damaged degraded preserved specimens in their cookie ovens. We’ve got you covered. We are your Boutique Aquatic Entomology laboratory, but identifying aquatic insects is only part of our capacity.

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