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Who We Are

We are a group of ecologists and support staff that work together to solve problems. Aside from our staff, we partner with other individuals, organizations and corporations to allow greater laboratory capacity or expand upon our expertise as needed.

Brett Marshall

Brett Marshall, Ph.D. Ecology

BS Biology/Chemistry, MS Entomology, Ph.D. Ecology (not defended)

Brett has been known as "The Bug Guy" since his tenure at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Patrick Center for Environmental Studies. He is a specialist in Aquatic Ecology and the Founder of River Continuum Concepts. He has worked with species of Conservation Concern, including both terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates. His specialty is developing project specific monitoring criteria for aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

He remains a position as an Research Associate at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, while enjoying small town life in Willow Creek Montana.

In his off time he enjoys photography, computer games, and eating pie crusts.

Honors and Awards

Primary duties: planning, imaging, analysis, reporting, field sampling, taxonomy, Statistics, proposals, education program development, workshops.

Monika Wigert

Monika Wigert, MLS Library Science

BA English, MLS Library Science.

Primary Duties: Systems analyst, data management, SQL Programming, grammar, document editing, field sampling, reference collection curating.

In Monika's off time she enjoys, gardening, sewing, and watching Dark Shadows.

Esmeralda Ortiz

Esmeralda Ortiz

Education: Manhattan High School.

Primary Duties: Administrative Assistance, Sample sorting, record keeping, data entry, quality assurance.

Esmeralda is amazingly efficient at laboratory work. In her off time, she enjoys watching VH1 Espanol, fishing, and making pie crusts.


We think big for a small group. Occasionally, we need to draw upon the resources and expertise of larger groups. We believe it is in our best interest to draw upon outside expertise for several reasons; it all boils down to credibility, which makes for a better product in the long run. If your reports are better, you are more likely to use our services next time you are in need.

The Academy of Natural Sciences

Borne out of the War of 1812, and the need for our scientists to stand independently from European institutions, the Academy became the first natural science institution of the United States.

I had the privilege of leading the Invertebrate Ecology section of the Academy's Patrick Center for Environmental Research. Where my Graduate work at Virginia Tech primed me to work with aquatic ecology, the Patrick Center for Environmental Research had me design and implement monitoring studies all around the United States.

I currently retain my affiliation with the Academy and assist them as needed. This summer (2010), I expect to be assisting my old institution with two large river surveys; Holston River Tennessee, and Sabine River, Texas!

EcoAnalysts Inc.

EcoAnalysts is the big kahuna of Taxonomy Labs. Brett used to work for this company and they do good work. They use taxonomists with degrees in Entomology and can turn around large sample loads in a relatively short time. They have many NABS certified Taxonomists and tight connections to NABS and Systematic Specialists. We especially recomend them for large sets of samples that need to be turned around fast.

David Richards, Ph.D.

Dr. Richards has experience and permits for sampling endangered species. Sometimes species are listed as endangered because there is very limited information on their abundance and distribution. Some of Dr. Richards Work has provided information that may lead to the de-listing of some snails that may have been incorrectly considered as endangered. David has assisted River Continuum with some of our terrestrial snail surveys and is likely to remain a partner for a long time to come.

David Stagliano, M.S.

Dave is an invertebrate biologist with the Montana Natural Heritage Foundation and is a private contractor for invertebrate taxonomy. He is a former employee of EcoAnalysts, Inc. and is NABS-certified for western invertebrates and has worked in the field for about 10 years. Dave can usually assist with small sample sets of overflow work.

Mindy Allen, B.A.

Mindy operates a Sole Proprietor taxonomy Business called Aquatic Entomology. She is a NABS-certified taxonomist and was one of the few to score 100% on her NABS Western EPT exam. We offer quality-assurance support to her operations and provide statistical consulting as needed.