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Links for Ecological Reference Materials

I hope you find these links useful. If you can think of any I should add please let me know. best regards.

Recommended Bug Labs

EcoAnalysts, Inc.

EcoAnalysts is the Big Kahuna of Bug labs. They do work all over the world and have expertise in many areas of taxonomy. Their production taxonomists are educated to the Master's Level, and they employ one of the world's Foremost systemetist of freshwater Crusteaca. They frequently sponsor events to help other laboratories improve their performance. They also sponsor meetings for monitoring scientists to share their findings with other scientist.

They recently completed work on a state-of-the-art Laboratory information system that allows them to track samples and data more efficiently. Ultimately, they intend to allow clients password-protected on-line access to their data-warehouse. This will allow clients to make make graphs on-line, and to retrieve back up data if theirs becomes lost or damaged.

This laboratory is more costly than some of the others. They have the strictest quality controls I know of. Their turn around time cannot be beat-if your samples cannot fit in to the regular schedule, they can (at a cost) employ an extra shift of workers to complete your work faster than anyone else i know of.

Aquatic Biology Associates

Excellent Taxonomist.

Mindy Allen

Mindy Allen is a solo taxonomist working from her home in the state of Washington. She is certified by the North American Benthological Society, and was one of the brave few to score 100% on her Western EPT certification exam. Her prices are very low, but she has limited capacity. As such she has partnered with several other solo-taxonomists to enable herself to take on larger jobs. She does not have a website. Interested parties can contact me.

Chemistry Labs

Energy Laboratories

These guys have offices scattered across Montana and Wyoming... They do a wide variety of chemical analyses.

Professional Affiliations

North American Benthological Society (NABS)

This is probably the most comprehensive society of scientists working in aquatic ecology in North America. A fun bunch to boot! I've been a member since 1992.

The Academy of Natural Sciences: Patrick Center for Environmental Research

I ran the Invertebrate Zoology Research Section at The Academy for several years. During which time i planned, implemented and completed many biological monitoring programs across the United States.

Virginia Tech

I completed my Master of Science Degree in Entomology here in the early 1990's. I offer my condolences to my friends that survived the shootings that recently occurred at VT-- it affected me like 9-11 did and i can only imagine how it hit y'all. Be brave Hokies!

Montana State University

I am a Ph.D. Student here. My affiliation with the university allows me unlimited access to the library; a valuable reference for literature reviews and staying current with the cutting edge ecology.

University of Wisconsin - Superior

It was long ago, and it feels like it. This is where I did my BS degree in Biology and Chemistry. Honestly this is a great school for BS. Small class size means intimate teaching, and quality lab-time. Heck in my Chemistry of Natural Waters course, my lab partner and I had our own HPLC and GC... pretty rare for undergrads... highly recommended.

Non-Recommended Labs


I understand this is a delicate subject. Rhithron, you can have your Quality Systems Officer contact me to discuss your rating status. After I am assured that there have been improvements in procedure, I may raise your rating. Unlike movie reviewers, reviewers of laboratories must consider that improvements in procedure can be made, whereas a film is a static production. This rating system must remain dynamic and be able to account for both improvements and declines in performance. My last professional interaction directly with Rhithron was several years ago.