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Laboratory Services

Invertabrate Laboratory Services by River Continuum Concepts

We had several clients complain that large labs were not able to adapt their special needs; if non-typical handing was required - for whatever reason - the large labs seemed to be unable to provide the desired results; even after promising to do so. We are nimble and can adapt our laboratory procedures to your needs. If you need a subsampling protocol that deviates from the regional norm, no problem! It is also not a problem if you want a voucher collection of especially showy invertebrate specimens.

We are adaptable and are proud to offer invertebrate identification services! We recently added two state-of-the-art microscopes to our laboratory--including a beautiful phase contrast 1000X scope.

We have a price standard for you to work with for budgeting purposes, but we can often do the samples for less. The cost to have us process a 500-count benthic sample is usually about $300-350/sample. Variables include (1) the taxonomic level of effort, (2) how many bugs you want identified from each sample, and (3) how much "Junk" (algae, moss, slime etc.) is in the sample. Generally, bioassessment samples from the eastern USA are much cheaper because of easier taxonomic standards and lower organism counts per sample.

Other Laboratory services:

We have a huge amount of bug and water samples!

Identification of: Insects, Crustaceans, Mussels, and other invertebrates

Fish stomach content analysis

Image analysis can be used to estimate the biomass of digested insects found in fish stomachs by extrapolating from un-digested parts.

Coliform bacteria / E. coli bacteria