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Photography and Graphic Design

a sample page from one of our non-technical report summaries

Report Design

We produce very detailed technical reports. These products are necessary to provide sufficient detail to allow independent replication of our analysis (essential for credible science), but they are overwhelming to the general public. Yet, many watershed groups list among their goals: the dissemination of information. To help facilitate these goals, we develop non-technical report summaries. These provide overviews of the monitoring process and the findings in a nice, friendly readable format. they are usually 5-15 pages in PDF format...

Technical reports on the analysis of water quality data and on collected environmental data can be submitted for peer review or published. We can assist in getting your environmental study reports published in the appropriate peer-reviewed publications to lend further credibility to your research, reporting, and environmental policies.

We can also assist in the presentation of the friendlier, less overwhelming reports to the general public or to your constituency.

Contact us for more information on these and other services.

Photographic Archiving

We also produce photographic archiving of samples or specimens to help watershed groups QA/QC their work, or to help share a close up view with students. We produce high quality images of "bugs" and "bug parts" for you to share with your target audience.