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Environmental Assessment Services


River Continuum Concepts provides water quality analysis and environmental quality analysis based on analysis of your water quality data. We also provide planning and design of water quality studies or environmental quality studies to insure that you are collecting the correct and valid ecological impact data so that the environmental impact reports you are submitting for review are valid and defensible and will hold up to scientific scrutiny.


One of the most important services we offer is planning. Draw on my team's experience to help you plan a monitoring program to meet your goals. This is more important than most people realize and few people are actually prepared for key initial step. This is true even for people that think they are prepared. One thing is certain: do not even start collecting samples until you are know what kind of changes you need to be able to detect. Thus, identifying goals needs to be more specific than, "I just want to determine what the baseline looks like..." This is a formula for failure and disappointment. Volunteers and funding agencies do not like to have their time and money used to support programs that are unable to achieve their intended purpose.

Once stakeholders have developed quantitative goals, realistic budgets can be prepared. Or, if the budget is predetermined, we can help you prioritize sampling efforts to help you attain your goals--or adjust the goals as required.

We will help you to determine the correct sampling design to insure that your data can support defensible and actionable conclusions in your ecological analysis.

Field Work:

We can help with the field work or training your field crew. Field sampling designs often need to be modified to meet specific goals. These may include habitat-based sample stratification or some other quantitative alteration of standard sampling protocols. If you cannot afford for us to collect the samples we can train your staff to collect samples.


We provide some invertebrate sorting and identifications in house. We also work with other commercial and academic laboratories. Our partners provide timely analyses and are certified professionals. Our connections to multiple labs allows us greater flexibility in project time-lines and budgets than many other consultants. Our relationships with the top laboratories for water quality testing and environmental quality reporting helps you maintain a defensible status on your environmental assessment policies.


We can process field and laboratory data in to meaningful results. With a broad array of statistical tests, descriptive statistics, and graphical analysis.

Water quality data analysis and ecological data analysis are vital in providing accurate reporting on environmental impacts. Our data analysis services will help you understand where you fall on the EPA's Total Maximum Daily Load (EPA TMDL) requirements, and whether changes in policy or practice are necessary, or even beneficial.


We can summarize analytical results into technical reports that meet the requirements of "credible analysis," as laid forth in credible data laws of the United States. These reports are however too thick for public consumption. Therefore clients often have us follow-up with non-technical reports--which highlight the main findings and aspects that the client finds particularly important to share with the public. Finally, many clients need to periodically present the results to the public. We can help prepare public meetings and facilitate communication of results to the public. Finally, I often present results at scientific meetings to ensure that the analysis and results meet the rigors of scientific peer-review process. If there is need, I can help you get these results published in peer-reviewed journals.



I am available for personal consultation at various levels.

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